We embarked on an extended study observing and engaging with bus riders throughout Los Angeles. Bus stops without bus shelters have very little shade aside from the limited shadow derived from narrow vertical elements at the bus stops, like street poles. Transit riders waiting in the heat and sun need shade that is readily available all year round.

OUTFRONT/Decaux has a smart solution that is innovative, cost efficient and flexible in bringing shade to bus stops throughout LA, that otherwise would not accommodate a bus shelter due to site constraints ( narrow sidewalk, no sidewalk, etc).

Designed to protect transit riders and provide maximum shade. We created a vertical element that easily rotates and follows the movement of the sun; providing constant shade all throughout the day. That means accessible shade regardless of where the sun is in the sky, shade is accessible- protecting transit riders and cooling down sidewalks. The Sunshade blade is part of a ‘kit of parts’ approach designed to provide shade in conjunction with bus shelters and other shade elements.

A Smart City Innovation
for Angelenos on the go!

The Sunshade comes with a full range of 'kit of parts' for transit riders and the community. With the 'kit of parts', the Sunshade is flexible, compatible and adaptable to every neighborhood.

'kit of parts' subject to change.

The Sunshade's blades vertical rotating design allows Angelenos to position it according to the time of day and maximize shade and protection from the elements, providing a solution for Equity + Shade at Every bus stop in LA.

Thank you for using public transportation!